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Drive Train

EV power with precision engineering

The Drive Train System is engineered and designed specifically to fit and power Porsche 911. It is a state of the art system offering a rich ecosystem of integrated HV components for a fully functional and reliable system and vehicle. It enhances the Porsche platform with excellent distribution and placement: GVWR is close to OEM subject to models and varies little. Distribution changes to @ 45/55 F/R 1205/1472 lbs weight distribution. 



  • 400 HP Large Tesla Drive Unit

  • AEM Controlled System

    • AEM VCU 200 & AEM TDU Control Board

    • AEM Battery Management System (BMS)

  • 400V EV System, Full Harness, Wiring, Plumbing for Plug & Play Installation

  • 47 kWh OXD-Power (Performance) Lithium Battery

  • eGT Battery Enclosures with Integrated:

    • Thermal Managagement System

    • Plug & Play Connectivity

    • Thermal Event Safety Features

  • Thermal Management System (Cooling)

  • 6.6 kW On Board Charging (OBC) w integrated 2500w DC Converter J1772 Level 2

  • eGT’s Hi-Voltage Junction Center (HVJB)

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